Zoom Classes: Launch Date.

Hi everyone,

In case you don't know I've been busy behind the scenes building our new booking system for upcoming Zoom classes 🥳

Behind the Scenes

The website update will be Monday 1st March. You will be able to book online.

You will be able to see all of the new changes, I'm so excited to share this journey with you all! I've developed a unique experience that's affordable and you can dip in and out, or choose a full course via the cheaper weekly plans.

There will be two courses available initially, based upon your feedback:

  • Beginners Class (1hr x 4 Weeks)

  • Upcycling Class Intermediate (1hr x 4 Weeks)

  • 1:1 Private Tuition Appointment (1hr).

Coming soon:

  • Sew-Along Dress Making Class

Following the completion of these courses we will ask you to complete a questionnaire, to gain feedback on what you think.

We have created resources so you'll have all of the information for equipment you need before you start:

PDF Resources

The courses will be divided into groups of five. This is so you all have a chance to ask any questions, we are running the same courses at different times and days ⏰

All classes will be listed at Greenwich Meantime Timezone (GMT). We have participant interest in the USA, please drop me a message if the class times don't correspond with your timezone and I'll try to add a new group and time!

Thanks for following,

Yenna 💚

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