Sewing Class Questionnaire

Hi all,

For those of you that expressed an interest in Zoom classes, I've created a questionnaire for you to complete so I can build lesson plans around your feedback. I'm looking forward to hearing where you are in your sewing journey 😊

In the coming weeks I will be making online resources and uploading schedules to the website. From the Wix app, browser or mobile you will be able to book and attend classes via Zoom. This will be a fully integrated system making it easy for you to keep track of classes, book and much more!

Please follow the link below to complete the Google survey:

Sewing Proficiency

From this survey I can create courses with structured lessons and realistic learning outcomes. From novice to more experienced sewers, everyone is invited to take part!

Can't wait to start planning lessons and set up our new studio equipment for Zoom 🎥 we are working on getting you the best viewing experience!

Thanks for your support,

Yenna ✌️

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