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Updated: Apr 9

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for following everything I do here at Yenna, we have an exclusive discount on offer at the moment. For our vegan followers we made it abit fun 🌱

Just go onto our shop, click which product you want then add "VEGANFORTHEANIMALS" in the Etsy checkout 😊

We are updating the website soon to show we use PETA approved clothing. We are phasing our EU Ethical Hanes T-Shirt range instead we prefer the accreditation and climate neutrality of our new supplier. To check our PETA accreditation search for our supplier brands Earth Positive & Salvage Clothing ✌️

Next bit of news I have been teaching private sewing lessons all over the 🌍 the zoom dual camera set up is really working out!

To get a free intro session just add the discount code "FREESESSION" at the checkout 😊

I've arranged a photoshoot for in the next few months as lockdown lifts. We have a NEW range of yoga vests coming soon! Sneak peek 👇

Follow our Instagram @yenna.label to keep really upto date 🖱️

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, we did a Giveaway and the winner received a free T-shirt!

In other news....

We have recently started up an arts for mental health and wellbeing group, this is a peer support group we meet once a week on a Monday! Join us here

I have been looking at Arts Council Funding other avenues to try and make this as accessible as possible. As a trainee Art Therapist I just want to help people, please note this is a peer support group not therapy 💚

First session is free on a weekly payment plan, or just join one session ad hoc for £5. Hopefully I will be able to offer this completely free eventually!

Our Sewing classes will be at the same time each week, I will adjust the calendar if unavailable one week as I have a busy schedule some weeks due to my training. I have added a new Serger/Overlocker Class as you all requested!

(also have a qué for tailoring jobs in my local area 😅)

I think that's everything for now. Keep checking the website as I'm always updating it and adding new things!

I have abit more updating to do now....excited to hear back from our #vegan #influencers some new reviews coming soon 😍

Stay safe, Yenna X

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