Booking Open, class information and more...

Hi everyone,

It is here, we have finally launched our new booking pages and more. All of our pages have been updated with new information, take a look around and see what's new!

Click the images below to see our new pages:

Here you can book direct, we have several categories from individual classes to four week courses! The beginners course is split into individual classes, we will have more class types and subjects coming soon!

This is our class and course information page:

Here you will find lots of information about course content, kit lists and learning outcomes. Scroll down to the blue Resources section to find out more:

I look forward to meeting you all online! If you have any questions please drop me an email on

If there is a class that interests you, but it's an inconvenient time, please get in touch and I'll arrange something 🙂

We will have new classes available soon including sew along classes and more advanced sewing techniques.

In the meantime take a look around, you can save money and spread the cost by purchasing a weekly plan. Perfect if you want to pick and choose different course dates and times to suit!

Booking is now open for March-April. I will be adding extra dates when I can!

We will be adding an online clothing shop soon, stay tuned!

Thankyou for all of your support,


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